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UPS Support Ticket - Baltimore, Maryland - No Gaurantee on Package Pick Up

UPS Support Ticket - Baltimore, Maryland

No Gaurantee on Package Pick Up

Created By: Hmonaghan14's Picture Hmonaghan14 Last Reply: Hmonaghan14's Picture Hmonaghan14
Priority Level: [High] Status: [Open]
Created: 7 years ago Last Updated: 7 years ago
Department: N/A Replies: 0

I switched my days off so that I may sit home and wait for my package to be delivered. I sat home, in silence, all day browsing the internet to insure that I would not miss this delivery. I even have 2 dogs who bark at the drop of a hat, when they hear a noise. My package was delivered by UPS at 1:39pm. At this time they even dropped off another package that I had been expecting. He dropped this in my door. He never knocked. Placed the UPS shipment attempt on my outside window. My fiancé notified me of the failed attempt at approx. 215pm. At which point I contacted UPS immediately.

Conveniently, no phone # for UPS is included on this delivery slip, so I had to look up UPS' Contact info on the internet. I was told by the 1st person i spoke to (@: 800.742.5877), that the driver made an attempt. i explained how I had been sitting here all day awaiting this packages arrival, and even explained that he had placed another package in my door. I asked if the driver could make another attempt, that I would even pay for this 2nd attempt out of my own pocket. I explained how I switched days off, and how I would not be home the next 2 days to accept this package. i was told that I could make a complaint about the drivers not knocking. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was then asked for my name and phone #. I asked if I could pick this package up from their facility this evening and was told that the shipper had made a restriction.

I hung up. I called the shipper of my package, who was Christian Louboutin's Boutique. I asked if they could remove the restriction from my package so that I might be able to pick up my package from the UPS facility this evening due to my demanding work schedule. She was very understanding and stated that she made those changes with UPS.

I called UPS back at the above mentioned 800 Line. I spoke to another Customer Care Rep. I explained to her that I had just spoken to a gentleman there who told me that I needed to contact the shipper in hopes of being able to pick up my package from their UPS facility. I explained that the shipper had made the changes to the package and that I should be able to pick this package up today. She stated that the shipper changed this to "Will-Call," and that due to this I would not be able to pick this package up until tomorrow evening. But, she immediatley contradicted herself and stated that sometimes the facility will make an exception and allow me to pick up today.

I asked how can I have this exception made, since I only really have time today to deal with all of this, again explaining how I re-arranged my work schedule? She stated it was up to the facility. I asked if she could transfer me to the 3901 Vero Road Facility so that I might see if this "exception," could be made. She said that she had no contact information for this location. Really? Again, I utilized the internet in hopes of finding a phone # for this location. I found 2: 410.455.8200 & 8201, both of which had only busy signals to offer me upon calling them.

Again, frustrated by my numerous attempts at a resolution, i called the 800# again. I spoke to another lady, and explained the entire situation. She stated the shipper had made it so that I could pick up my package. I asked if I drive 35 minutes to their UPS drop-off location, if I was guaranteed to be given my package this evening. She stated that she could not guarantee this. I asked "Why Not?" She started to offer me policy verbatim. I explained to her, how demanding my career is, and how I do not have time to drive there tomorrow, and that I needed her to speak directly with the Vero Road Facility so that she could guarantee me, after driving there, that I could leave with my package. She told me that she could send them a 'message," and have someone contact me. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I held for 5 minutes. The same Customer Care Lady picked up, and I asked her if she had sent the Vero Road Location a message yet to get this ball rolling? She said she did not. I asked her to do that, while I was on hold waiting for her Sup. She said she would.

She placed me back on hold. Then the 'supervisors," Voice Mail picked up as opposed to the actual supervisor. I could not get this supervisors name, as she stated this very fast and in a thick accent. I left the supervisor a message, of which her VM would not allow me to leave my situation in detail as it only gave me 30 seconds to speak. I explained how I would just like a guarantee that if I drive to this facility that I would be guaranteed my package tonight.

My overall complaint is with UPS as a whole. Firstly, with the UPS driver of which obviously has some sort of silent ninja skills, and did not knock on my door, even after placing a different package inside my storm door and front door.

And, with the lack of customer service and options I received when contacting UPS directly through their 800 Line. What sort of company can't put a customer into contact with one of their facilities in hopes of my resolving this issue today, considering I do not have a free schedule to deal with this the rest of the week? This is a very expensive package, and I find it extremely disheartening that they could not put me into contact with someone who could resolve my issue locally and in a timely fashion, especially when there are so many other shipping companies out there. Basically, asking me to drive to Baltimore, when It wasn't guaranteed that they would provide me with my package. And, why could they not guarantee this? Do they expect customers to believe that there is no way to dispatch out to the drivers to find out when they would be back to their Vero Road location? And, why can't customers speak directly with Vero Road, since locally I need to deal directly with them in hopes of receiving my package? it seems as though there are to many hoops and policy verbatim, when all i needed was a simple guarantee that I could have this tonight. Why could they not do this? Many people have things delivered everyday. Some of these things are very important. Not customer friendly or able to provide a one stop resolution to my problem.


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